Funding Information

Most common questions about companies and individuals seeking funding can be answered on our Investment Focus page. Further explanation of the process and requirements follow below:

The Funding Process

While each company we consider for funding is different (and as such the process may vary) the conventional process is as follows:

  1. Funding enrollment periods will open approximately twice per year, as demand from investors dictates.
  2. After submitting your application, your candidacy for funding will be reviewed by the Advisory Council (see About Us page for council bios).
  3. If you are deemed a potential candidate, you will be contacted. You will need to submit copies of your Articles of Incorporation / Organization, bank records, time records, proof of liability insurance, and a valuation proposal (we will provide the forms and format for this process).
  4. The Advisory Council will propose a minimum and target funding goal and distribute the offering to our investor network.
  5. Upon reaching the minimum funding goal, a new legal entity will be formed for the purposes of holding investor capital and distributing investment funds. Start with Bakersfield will author the Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement, and perform all filing to state and federal authorities for this entity.
  6. Under management of Start with Bakersfield, the new entity will negotiate a purchase of the intellectual property of your product from your company based on investor interest and your valuation proposal.
  7. At the onset of the new entity, Start with Bakersfield will hold controlling interest in the new company, and will facilitate the sale of up to 25% interest to investors.
  8. On a monthly basis in conjunction with funding distributions, you will vest a portion of your interest toward your total allottment based upon negotiations.
  9. You will be required to submit monthly publications to investors through the Start with Bakersfield platform. Additionally, all bank transactions, changes to budget, marketing publications, and documentation will be submitted for investor review.
  10. Upon completion of the funding round, Start with Bakersfield will sell controlling interest of the single-asset entity back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions